Egypt at Highclere. 24th November 2018

Celebrate the Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

This day has now sold out so please do look at our Christmas events to see if one of them might appeal to you! The Christmas Fair (Decmeber 5th and 6th),  Christmas Carols and Castle Tours  Sunday 9th  and then a last evening before Christmas on the 18th.

Ninety–six years ago, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter made their way down the stone cut steps and along a short dim passageway to stand in front of a bricked up doorway in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor Egypt. It was the 22nd November, 1922.

Come and join us at Highclere Castle on Saturday 24th November 2018.  Tickets: £125.00 to include: Guided Tours of the Castle & Egyptian Exhibition, a short lecture, "Egypt at Highclere"  Guidebook, Q&A, and a light lunch.

Hardly daring to dream, Howard Carter carefully made a hole in the doorway and waited for the air to escape. He held a candle through the gap he had made. "What can you see asked Lord Carnarvon?" Howard Carter, hardly able to speak, replied "Wonderful things". He passed the candle to Lord Carnarvon who silently moved the candle around to glimpse unfamiliar golden creatures, bejewelled eyes, and strange pale shapes piled against a wall, the outline of a huge statue… so much scattered across the flickering space, everywhere the glint of gold.

After a few minutes, he passed the candle silently to his daughter Evelyn and finally Arthur Callender, a chemist and part of their excavation team in Egypt, also peered through the dusty stone gap. They remained together in deep wonder, speechless, a world away from the light filled bustle of the desert above the stone stairs.

The discovery of the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun became the first global world media event, covered by newspapers, magazines and Pathé cine (early news reels). It was a glint of gold, the tomb would give the world of 1922 a glimpse into an extraordinary civilization and culture which stretched back over 5,000 years.

Right: Lord Carnarvon, Lady Evelyn and Howard Carter.

Left: Lord Carnarvon (L) and Howard Carter (R) at the entrance to the Tomb.

 Lord and Lady Carnarvon are delighted to mark the discovery here at Highclere. On arrival, you will be welcomed into the Saloon, at the very heart of the Castle for a lecture and Q&A. Our guides will then take you through a tour of the Main State Rooms and Castle Bedrooms which were also of course the set for famous TV series "Downton Abbey". Enjoy hearing our guides’ exceptional knowledge of the building, artwork and furniture with plenty of anecdotes.

Guides are then on hand to help you explore the Egyptian Exhibition in the atmospheric Cellars of the Castle. Wind your way through the cellars from the real antiquities in the first room, then onto the next room which is Life at Highclere in Edwardian times before stepping on and back in time into a recreation of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The day includes a lecture on the discovery of Tutankhamun, Q&A, followed by  guided tours of the Castle, tours of the Egyptian Exhibition, as well as a light lunch in the Coach House.

A selection of tea and coffee, soup, traditional sandwiches and cakes are included within your ticket. The Gift Shop (please collect you goody bag with the illustrated guidebook to "Egypt at Highclere"), and Gardens will also be open.

It is a day to enjoy and the schedule reflects that the November days are short at this time of year. We would please ask you to arrive on time for the beginning of the programme.

Gates to Castle and Grounds open from 10.30am
Lecture in the Castle 11.00am

This will be followed by Guided Tours of the Castle, the Egyptian Exhibition and a light lunch.
Suggested departure from 3.00pm, whilst the Grounds close promptly at 4pm (sunset at this time of year).

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