Egypt at Highclere Educational Bundle

Egypt at Highclere Educational Bundle

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Studying ancient Egypt? Then this is the perfect starter pack. It includes the soft back book "Egypt at Highclere" which tells the extraordinary story of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, four educational fact/"to do" sheets on ancient Egypt, a scarab, a pencil with built in eraser illustrated with an Eygptian figure and a mini Egyptian god. Designed to be both educational and entertaining.

Size:21cm x 17cm x 0.5cm (8"x 7") (book); 7cm x 1cm (2.5"x 0.5") (Mini God);  19cm x 3cm (7"x 1") (pencil);  2cm x 1cm (0.5"x 0.25") (scarab) approx

Weight: 0.4kg(14oz)

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