Highclere Castle Plate

Highclere Castle Plate

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Made from fine bone china, these are a Limited Edition copy of the plates used in the State Dining Room at Highclere Castle. Founded by Josiah Wedgwood over 250 years ago and quintessentially English, Wedgwood china is renowned for its quality, beauty and craftsmanship. It has graced the tables of Kings, Queens and world leaders for over 200 years. The rim of the plate is a lightly textured strong cobalt blue which surrounds a smooth white interior. It comes in a navy blue presentation box embossed with a gold outline of the Castle and lined in white satin. The outline of the Castle, crest and edgings are all in gold. Dishwasher safe. High chip resistance. Conforms to BS4034. Made in England.

Size: Diameter of plate: 27.5cm (11").
Size of box: 29cm x 29cm x 4cm (11½” x 11½” x 1½”) approx.
Weight: 1.2kg (2.65lbs).

Note: For purchasers who wish to buy more than one plate, please email theoffice@highclerecastle.co.uk or telephone the Castle Office on +44 1635 253210 and ask for the Gift Shop office to discuss arrangements for shipping and insurance.