Highclere Castle Farm Shop

British Lamb reared on the Highclere Estate

We have begun a small virtual shop which allows you to buy our home-reared British lamb in either whole or half boxes.

Collection is from Highclere Castle.

Each box comes with a printed booklet of 7 delicious lamb recipes and a pot of rosemary.

For further details please email farmshop@highclerecastle.co.uk
or call 01635 250600

Whole Lamb Box:    £250.00
1 Whole leg
2 Lamb shanks
2 2 Half legs
1 Rump of lamb
2 Shoulders of lamb
1 Rack of Lamb
  Chops (Barnsley and Loin chops)
1 Rolled breast of lamb
Half Lamb Box:    £140.00
2 Half legs of lamb
2 Half shoulders of lamb
1 Rack of lamb
1 Rolled breast
  Chops (Barnsley and Loin chops)