The Earl and the Pharaoh

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The discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun was one of the most astonishing archeological finds of the 20th century, revealing not only the boy pharaoh's preserved remains but thousands of finely crafted objects. Ranging from the iconic gold death mask to a dagger made of meterorite, chalices, beautiful furnture and even 3000 year old food and wine, these objects opened a new window on our understanding of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Two men were ultimately responsible for the discovery: Howard Carter and the fifth Earl of Carnarvon. It was Lord Carnarvon who held the concession to excavate and whose passion and ability to finance the project allowed the eventual discovery to take place. 

The Earl and the Pharaoh tells the story of the 5th Earl. His life, money and sudden death became front page news around the world following the discovery of the tomb, fuelling rumours that persist today of "the curse of the pharaohs". Drawwing on Highclere Castle's never-before-plumbed archives, best selling author Fiona, Countess of Carnarvon, charts the twists of luck and tragedies that shaped Carnarvon's life; his restless and enquiring mind that drove him to travel to escape conventional society life in Edwardian Britain. 

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