Seasons at Highclere

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Explore behind thescenes at the Real Downton Abbey with Lady Carnarvon's beautiful book. “Seasons at Highclere: Gardening, Growing and Cooking at the Real Downton Abbey” traces the history of the landscape and gardens of this extraordinary home over its 1300-year history. In it Lady Carnarvon examines how Highclere’s landscape developed with successive owners and how the gardens changed from being solely a source of food during medieval times to a more ornamental focus in the 18th century before moving back to a more sustainable mixed use during modern times.

“The winds of change have allowed the landscape here at Highclere, and thence the food and the recipes we use, to reflect all that is best both for us and nature. “Lady Carnarvon

Packed with mouth-watering illustrated recipes to try, many based on ingredients that Highclere produces itself, the book gives plenty of tips on creating and growing everything form wildflower areas to herb gardens and others whilst concentrating on the health benefits of wholesome, home-grown food.   

Based on the seasons of the year with truly beautiful photographs Seasons at Highclere offers a chance to step both inside and outside the Real Downton Abbey, from rooms with a view to a truly historic Dining Room.

Each copy is signed by Lady Carnarvon

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