Tutankhamun Bust

Tutankhamun Bust

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The sarcophagus of Tutankhamun consisted of four gilded wooden shrines, one inside the other, within which lay the stone sarcophagus, three mummiform coffins, the inner and final one being made of solid gold, and then the mummy.

The second of these mummiform coffins was made from wood overlaid with a sheet of gold, which was then intricately decorated with inlays of different coloured glass and semi precious stones. On each of the three coffins, Tutankhamun’s arms are crossed in front of him holding the two symbols of kingship, the crook and the flail.

Made of gold resin highlighted in black red and green.

Weight: 0.1kg (3.53oz).

Size: 11cm x 5cm (4.5” x 2”) approx.

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