Signed copies of Lady Catherine & The Real Downton Abbey

Signed copies of Lady Catherine & The Real Downton Abbey

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Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey, the latest book from the 8th Countess of Carnarvon.

Sometimes the facts are even more extraordinary than the fiction... Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey tells the story of the beautiful American girl who lived at Highclere Castle, the setting for Julian Fellowes' award winning drama "Downton Abbey". Glamorous and wealthy, Catherine became the toast of London society and married the son of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, Lord Porchester, or 'Porchey', as he was known.

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At just 19, Catherine had to learn how to organise and host the lavish banquets and weekend house parties that Porchy so loved. She found herself suddenly in charge of the more than eighty staff working at Highclere Castle, and persuaded her husband to improve their living and working conditions. But things were far from perfect. The demands of running such a large household were greater than Lady Catherine had expected. Her new husband gradually revealed himself to be a scandalous rogue, squandering their money and pursuing silent movie stars across London. When World War Two broke out, there was yet more turbulence, with Highclere transformed into an American airbase, and host to several hundred soldiers, as well as fifty young evacuees from East London. Drawing on rich material from the archives at Highclere, including beautiful period photographs, Lady Carnarvon transports us back to the thrilling and alluring world of the real Downton Abbey and its inhabitants. Following the runaway success of her first book, 'Lady Almina & The Real Downton Abbey', The Countess of Carnarvon's latest book, "Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey", is published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton.